Thanks for the feedback, Judy.

  1. I agree I’ve been lazy interchanging atheists and agnostics in my writing. I personally count myself as an agnostic.
  2. The point of the article is not to turn anyone back to the faith. I’ve written it primarily for people who are either like me, a believer turned agnostic who still flip-flops back to faith every now and again, or an atheist who may be interested in more scholarly ways of reading the bible. (Atheists tend to know more about the bible than many believers :) ) In the spirit of Apeiron being primarily a philosophy publication, my goal is to present a perspective that gets people thinking (and chatting).

Again, thanks for the feedback. ;)

Shaolin student, Zen practitioner, Agile enthusiast, an atheist who’s nostalgic for his Christian days, losing sleep over the state of democracy