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Shaolin student, Zen practitioner, Agile enthusiast, an atheist who’s nostalgic for his Christian days, losing sleep over the state of democracy

So tell the Alt-Right to stop stating their feelings as facts.

Facts don’t care about Ayn Rand’s feelings
Adapted by the author. Question Mark by Anemone123 from Pixabay. Photo portrait of Ayn Rand used for the first-edition back cover of The Fountainhead (1943), public domain.

In an interview with PBS, Donald Trump’s former Justice Department spokesperson Ian Prior said the following about critical race theory:

“We’re not about not teaching history. We’re about teaching history in an objective way that is not represented as America is systematically racist.” — PBS NewsHour. (2021, June 24).

I can’t help but notice Mr. Prior included the word “objective” in his declaration that America is not a systematically racist country. …

How political tribalism is leading America down the paths of Vietnam and Afghanistan.

Image by WikiImages from Pixabay

The last time the Republicans won the popular vote was in 2004.

I have a confession to make. Despite my political leanings, I would’ve voted for George W. Bush that year if I were an American.

The reason lies in the feature image of this article. America was at war, and, by extension, so was the free world. Despite Bush’s numerous (lest we forget numerous) deficiencies, I trusted my fate with the guy leading the counter-assault against the terrorists. We can debate fiscal policies later. Right now, I want to feel safe, and I want Osama bin Laden’s head.



It’s in the Republican Brain.

Republicans reject COVID vaccines
Adapted by the author. Sources by MasterTux and Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

Compare the following two maps:

  • Here is a map depicting the percentage of Americans who’ve received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine as of May of 2021:

Journey to the center of the earth and don’t come back

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Dear Mr. Rich White Man,

As you are well aware, Sir Richard Branson has completed his 90-minute trek into space.

Do you know what that means? Yeah, he beat you to it. He’s the first. The best you can hope for now is second place. And we all know second place doesn’t cut it. No one gives a damn about second. Isn’t that what you always tell your minions?

That’s ok, Mr. Rich White Man. There are still some lucrative expeditions for you on the horizon. You can’t be the first to outer space, but you can still be the…

Regarding sex and other matters of concern.

Photo by eberhard 🖐 grossgasteiger on Unsplash

Dear human,

Despite having left behind a 1200-page instruction pamphlet on how to live your lives, it has come to My attention that many of you are still confused about My expectations of you.

It seems the vast majority of you couldn’t be bothered to read my 1200-page instruction pamphlet. That hurts! Just because I’m omnipotent doesn’t mean writing that 1200-page instruction pamphlet was easy. Well, I didn’t actually write it. I mostly edited it and curated it. And I didn’t bother to give out a $500 bonus when I wanted to attract more writers. Still, cut a diety some…

Caring for the poor? Yeah, that’s in the Bible.

The Bible with the American flag
Adapted by the author. Photos by Aaron Burden and Bermix Studio on Unsplash.

I recently wrote a piece about Christian nationalism. As I did, I found myself getting angrier than usual; the language I used was decidedly harsher than my normal tone.

What triggered me was how Christian nationalist leaders co-opted Biblical passages to serve their agenda. Along the way, they’ve converted a pro-slavery ideology to an equally racist one based on capitalistic markets.

As J.J. Pryor alluded to in his amazing piece about the Republican Jesus, when most people think of Christianity, they think of a faith that’s based on charity and compassion.

While I’m not a Christian anymore, I still owe…

Fake News

Live as if you were to die tomorrow … because I can always make that happen.

Putin over the horizon
Adapted by the author. Source images by Don Fontijn and Austin Schmid on Unsplash.

Russian President Vladimir Putin made headlines last week during a press conference following his summit with US President Joe Biden. When asked if the meeting had built trust between the two superpowers, Mr. Putin replied with the following:

There’s no happiness in life. There’s only a mirage on the horizon, so we’ll cherish that. (Vladimir Putin)

The Russian President wasn’t just speaking philosophically. He was also promoting his upcoming self-help book, A Mirage on the Horizon. In it, you’ll find uplifting quotes like:

Every situation in life is temporary, but misery will always be there. ( pg 7)

Live as…

How Christian nationalists hijacked the abortion debate for political power.

Jesus Christ facepalms Donald Trump
Adapted by the author. Trump by Library of Congress on Unsplash. Jesus by Hans Hofer from Pixabay.

Consider the following biblical passage:

Put on the whole armor of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. (Ephesians 6:11)

This is what the Family Research Council president Tony Perkins quoted while addressing the Democrats' opposition to placing Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court in 2018.

To liberals and progressive Christians, this is beyond astounding. Here is the leader of a Christian organization citing a biblical quote about the Devil while defending someone who’s bragged about participating in a “Devil’s Triangle.”

But to Perkins and many Christian Nationalists like him, Kavanaugh’s personal vices…

Politics & Psychology

How our individualistic society is breeding a culture of narcissists.

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

Yep, we’re still talking about him. Apparently, Donald Trump has been telling his supporters he expects to be reinstated as president this August.

In my last article in this publication, I criticized psychologist Jordan Peterson for being silent on Trump’s Big Lie about the 2020 presidential election.

It turns out I was wrong. Dr. Peterson did comment on the matter during an interview with Douglas Murray. In it, he described Trump as a narcissist who could never accept defeat no matter the evidence.

This wasn’t the first time a psychologist had described the 45th president in such a manner. In…

Jon Snow: Don’t treat me like I’m Jaime Lannister. I am not a boo-slayer.

Image by Silentpilot from Pixabay


After the Great Council of 305 AC, where Brandon of House Stark was crowned King of the Seven … er … Six Kingdoms, first of his name, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera …

Word spread throughout the land that the heroes and…

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